The number one complaint we hear from literary agents is,
"I get great book proposals every day that I cannot pitch to major publishers because the author doesn't have a substantial platform." 

Here are some hard truths about book marketing and publishing:


Authors overestimate how many books they can sell

Authors underestimate how hard it is to sell books

Literary agents can’t pitch nonfiction books if profitable audience numbers do not exist


The bottom line?

Publishing companies are in the business of generating profitable revenue. Without a substantial audience, your book is NOT a profitable product. Your author platform is essential to building revenue for your books, products, and services.

Here’s what most authors do: they write the book and then look for someone to market and publish the book. The process is the opposite of what should be done.

Your author platform building begins before or when you start writing your proposal and/or writing your book. Building a platform requires building a strategic plan that covers content and tech. Building a platform is not an instant gratification proposition. It takes time!


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