Every single publisher will ask that question, whether you are looking for a literary agent, traditional, hybrid, or a self-publisher: "How large is your author platform?"

Bottom line, What they are really asking?: "How big is your fan base and are they engaged?” 


It's not sexy, here is a dose of reality: Publishing companies are businesses on the hunt for profitable projects. Without a substantial audience, your book is NOT a profitable project. 

Author platform building and book marketing are about audience building and driving traffic. While that may sound like a simple task, the truth is an author platform takes time to build and has a steep learning curve for the author.

The number one complaint we hear from literary agents is, "I get great book proposals every day that I cannot pitch to major publishers because the author doesn't have a substantial platform." 

Here's the deal: Authors underestimate how hard it is to sell books and overestimate how many books they will sell without doing any marketing. Building an author platform is essential to selling books. 

That's where we come in. At Author Traffic School, we teach authors how to build their author platforms and market their books using tried and true methods that work. We have helped hundreds of authors increase their website traffic, social media following, and email subscribers. You could be next. 

Are you an author who is looking for ways to build your platform and sell more books? Author Traffic School is the answer. We offer two paths - one for building your author platform and one for marketing your book.

Platform Marketing
Author platform building is essential for selling more books, products, and services. It involves eight main elements that are intertwined, and we can help you with all of them. Platform building starts the day you begin writing, so it's never too early to get started.
Book Marketing
Book marketing can be tricky, especially if you're self-published. That's where we come in. Our book marketing program will help you generate more leads and sales. We'll show you how to use effective techniques to reach your target audience and sell more books.

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